Wednesday, November 12, 2008

some stuff i'm listening to

I'm listening to -

Steve Roach - A Deeper Silence
ambient music pushed to its 1-track, 74-minute sometimes inaudible, environmental and immersive conclusion.

Keith Canisius - Ferris Wheel Makeout
what a great title for a shoegaze album! this is the guy from denmarkian shoegaze band Rumskib, and this album is pretty rad. Jonas Munk from Manual did some production on it apparently. and it's. totally. legit.

Low - Trust
alan sparhawk is pretty rad. so much space. so much meaning packed into every word, the phrases becoming more and more rife with deep (and multiple) meanings with every repetition.

Glen Campbell - The Moon's A Harsh Mistress
What an amazing song. Jimmy Webb should be named an American cultural treasure. His songs are SO legit. I read that he became a Christian (or more passionate about his relationship with Christ) a while ago, and I'd like to hear the songs that came out of that. His stuff has such a depth of sadness, the soundtrack to lives lived in the heartland of America - sunsets, fields of wheat, lonely truck drivers, threadbare apartments, warm nights on the porch with friends and cheap beer, lost dreams, the smell of stale cigarette smoke in a dead-end bar, country music bleeding from the AM radio in the fading hours of a late afternoon...

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