Tuesday, November 25, 2008


In euery daunse, of a moste auncient custome, there daunseth to gether a man and a woman, holding eche other, by the hande or the arme, whiche betokeneth concorde.
- The Boke named The Governour
Devised by Sir Thomas Elyot, Knight
(to whom T.S. Eliot is related and quotes in his Four Quartets)

Artists I'm Interested in Right Now:

Alex Katz - American pop art. His piece Varick is a picture of a single strip of lighted windows (6 in number) in the top left corner of the canvas, the rest of the canvas being a deep black, apparently an image of a high rise office building at night, evocative of a tiny outpost of "Civilization" in a sea of darkness...

Yuri Smirnov - Russian bookplate illustrator. A soft, gentle surrealism.

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